One happy commuter…

This morning I got on the train with the biggest smile on my face and before you say it, no, not because it’s Friday (although that does the trick too), but instead because I received a double dose of kindness to help me on my way. It’s got me thinking how it feels to be on the receiving end of that sort of selflessness and I’m telling you, it feels damn good!

What happened? Well I was tapping in at Stoke Newington over ground station when the gentleman working there gave a look as though to say hurry, so I sped around the corner and down the stairs. I honestly couldn’t go too fast though, as I’m prone to falling over a lot these days, especially in the shoes I was wearing, so I made a steady dash down the stairs. Another man then saw my briskness and decided to go shout ‘come on, you can do it’ then proceeding the hold the train doors open for me with all his might. I’ve never stepped onto a train feeling a more light and breezy sensation and I’ve now been thinking of how I can go out of my way to help people, because who doesn’t like to feel good about themselves?

Basically, what I’m trying to say is with this social media consultancy, my goal is to help businesses pave their way online, to teach those who do not know and to assist those who are simply too busy to do. I want to be a part of something great in helping your brands be the best they can be through building an online community and establishing a presence with social media.

Let’s all see if we can this weekend go out of our way to help someone, to make them feel good and to make us feel good because, to quote Joey from Friends, ‘there is no selfless good deed’.

What next?

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