How to get Instagram followers when starting from scratch

I feel I can talk about this subject with some clarity, considering I myself have recent experience in the matter having newly started my own business. The pressures of a brand-new Instagram account are real people, but here’s a few takeaways that will help get things moving…


Those that achieve exponential growth commit to daily activities, habits and strategies. Think of it from a personal level and the accounts you follow, why is that? We are creatures of habit. Pick your posting frequency and then a time when your audience is most active and stick to it. If your followers are being vocal, chose a time slot each day in which you will reply to any comments, so as not to miss them or interfere with your daily schedules.


Have your social media links on your website, email signature and wherever else possible. What other accounts are you on? Make sure your content differs on each platform as no Facebook followers will hop on over to your Instagram and follow you there if you’re posting the same content but do by all means re-purpose content!


I can instantly tell when an account has foolishly gone down this route and let me tell you, it’s not pretty. If an account has thousands of followers yet only gets a few likes per photo, that’s hardly an engaged audience. Think about what you want to achieve with your Instagram account? Surely, it’s creating genuine leads and or advocates of your brand, so how will you achieve either of those through paid followers that aren’t interested?


The best advice I can give you is to go slow and steady. If you are putting out genuine, useful and consistent content your audience can relate to, the followers will come and not only that, they will stay!

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